Automate your project management

Konatus will allow you to automate your project management. You are in a large company that has organized itself into program/project-driven organizations.

You are the project portfolio director who determines the optimal resource mix for delivery and schedules activities to best achieve an organization’s operational and financial goals while honoring constraints imposed by customers, strategic objectives, or external real-world factors. The project manager manages resources, finances, production planning, and especially project planning.

Your teams (project managers, and team leaders) manage many projects simultaneously and they each have their tools so they can manage the schedule, resources, skills, and budgets necessary to accomplish all interrelated tasks.

You dream of a unifying tool for orchestrating and arbitrating all these projects: A modern project portfolio management software (PPM software) to Automate your project management and save time.

A tool that shares information between all functions, while keeping everyone’s tools.

Your programs have been divided into autonomous projects that are easier to execute, but more numerous to manage. Technical experts have been grouped into autonomous teams. Know-how and expertise are pooled between projects. You need a project portfolio management software tool that can handle this complexity and optimize resource management.


In conclusion, by automating repetitive tasks, you will save a lot of time and avoid human errors. The Konatus platform will allow you to have a global vision of the progress of all your projects. And also to have an overview of the evolution of projects over time, costs, risks, etc.