Continuous Alignment Process

Optimize the resource management

Konatus has developed the continuous alignment process help companies to manage their projects, particularly companies that have adopted a matrix organization.

In the first part, the Continuous Alignment Process is a systematic approach for managing projects, which allows you to manage projects, products, or services to improve performance. These modern modes of the organization have made the management of resources and schedules particularly tedious and complex.

This complexity has been enhanced by the introduction of enterprise-level agility (SAFe). To carry out their projects, companies use software that does not communicate with each other. The lack of automation of low-value-added tasks costs companies time and performance.


In the second part, Konatus is a company that provides services to global clients in the field of project portfolio strategy.

We develop a continuous alignment process to help companies manage their projects more efficiently. Compared to existing solutions on the market, the continuous alignment process we provide:

  • Productivity gains by limiting the re-entry of information while maintaining existing tools.
  • Optimize the resource management, increasing the value created and reducing wasted hours
  • Real-time reporting and simulation capability for better arbitration of resource management

These revolutionary features are based on innovative computing technologies:

  • We collect and organize the data in semantic databases. We can automatically synchronize all project-related data & reduce the wasted time devoted to repetitive tasks.
  • By using constraint programming, resource management will be optimized, thus increasing the performance of the company.