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Managing your PPM projects is a real challenge!

With our capacity planning module, you will solve the difficulties encountered in your Project Portfolio Management. (PPM)

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Data synchronization

Drastic savings.
Productivity gains.

Real-time reporting

Comparison of options
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New generation tool.

Automate planning

Centralized information.
Resource optimization.

Automate your PPM. Project Portfolio Management.

Automate project management

Using artificial intelligence and knowledge graphs, Konatus revolutionizes project program portfolio management (PPM).

Integration with your tools: ERP / PPM / PM

We offer a turnkey solution that is easy to integrate with software such as SAP, Jira, Azure DevOps, Microsoft Project, Primavera, Planview, Clarity and others that use portfolio and project management. (Project Portfolio Management)

Seamless integration with your tools
New technologies accelerate your development

Acceleration of your development

To develop these innovative technologies, Konatus relies on the know-how of one of the best computer laboratories, located in the heart of the Paris-Saclay technology cluster.

Continuous alignment process

Our offer is aimed at all those who manage their development in project mode and who are organized on a matrix basis, in particular companies that want to apply agility at the enterprise level (SAFe).

Continuous alignment process

Algorithm and AI tailored to your PPM problems.

Algorithm and AI tailored to your PPM problems.


Collectez et synchronisez automatiquement les données.


Algorithme d'ordonancement basé sur l'IA.


Measure and manage your portfolio in real time.

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Partner of Konatus

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