How to use the Eisenhower method to evaluate your portfolio projects? Project Portfolio Management

How to use the Eisenhower method to evaluate the projects in your portfolio?

The Eisenhower prioritization method is a very useful technique for evaluating the projects in your portfolio and determining which ones are the most important. This method is based on the principle that you should spend more time on tasks that are both important and urgent. It will help you determine which tasks deserve your immediate attention, and which can wait. How do you use Eisenhower's method to evaluate the projects in your portfolio? This involves evaluating each project using the following four criteria: important, urgent, unimportant and non-urgent.

1. What is the Eisenhower prioritization method?

The Eisenhower prioritization method is a time management method that helps you decide which tasks to do first. It is based on the principle that you should start with the most important and urgent tasks before moving on to less important and less urgent tasks.

In its simplest form, there are four categories: important and urgent tasks, important but not urgent tasks, unimportant but urgent tasks, and neither important nor urgent tasks

Set priorities

One of the important steps in Eisenhower's prioritization method is to define the priorities of your project portfolio. This allows you to know exactly what you need to prioritize and what needs to be set aside.

This step can also let you know if you can add projects to your portfolio. It lets you know if you can afford to do so or not.

Narrow down your list of priorities

When you have multiple projects to complete, you should also make sure that you have a full project portfolio. This will ensure that you don't spread yourself too thin and can focus on one project at a time.

It will also allow you to have a better follow-up and to be able to better manage your projects. It will also allow you to have a better organization and to reach the goals you have set.

Eliminate secondary tasks

One of the best ways to manage your project portfolio is to make sure you don't have any side tasks. This means that you need to get them all done and done on time.

If you have secondary tasks, you will become more difficult to manage, and your secondary tasks may take up a lot of your time. This may prevent you from being able to take care of the rest of your primary tasks.

2. Why is Eisenhower's prioritization method useful?

Eisenhower's prioritization methodis a practical tool that helps you organize your tasks and determine which ones are most important. It can be used to manage projects, day-to-day activities or decisions that need to be made.

It is particularly useful in situations where there are many things to do and it can be difficult to determine the order in which they should be done. The method allows you to prioritize tasks according to their importance and urgency.

Helping you manage your time

When it comes to managing your time, you should know that the project portfolio can help you. This is especially the case when you have to manage several projects at the same time.

In addition, the project portfolio can allow you to better manage your time. This is especially the case when you have to manage several projects at the same time.

Prioritize project objectives

To be able to manage a project effectively, it is important to know how to prioritize the project's objectives. This will allow you to manage everything efficiently and safely.

In fact, you can afford to spend more time on the most important goals. This will allow you to make these goals real priorities.

Remains focused on the problem posed by the project

To succeed in your project, it is important to stay focused on the problem you want to solve. You must therefore avoid spreading yourself too thin.

This will allow you not to waste time, and to be able to concentrate on the project. It will also allow you to avoid dispersing yourself, and losing money.

Is a way to cope with a heavy workload

One of the reasons why Eisenhower's method is useful is that it allows you to deal with a heavy workload. This is especially true when you have several projects going on at the same time.

Thus, by prioritizing them, you ensure that you do not forget a project.

3. How to use the Eisenhower prioritization method?

The Eisenhower Prioritization Method is a planning and time management method that was developed by former U.S. President Dwight Eisenhower. It allows users to prioritize their tasks based on the time and resources available.

The method is based on the principle that tasks should be ranked according to importance and urgency. Urgent and important tasks should be completed first, followed by urgent but not important tasks, and then tasks.

Define the project to be prioritized

In order to help you define which project to prioritize, it is important to determine the project portfolio you want to work on. This way, you can make sure that this is the project you want to prioritize.

For example, you can create a table in which you write down all the projects you have to do. You can then classify these projects according to a grade. This is for example the case of the grade given to a project by a client.

Choose the project to prioritize

When you need to prioritize a project, you must first determine if it fits into your project portfolio. This portfolio contains all the projects you have to do.

If you can't fit that project into your portfolio, then you need to make sure you are on track. If you have multiple projects to work on, you should make it a priority to complete them all.

Determine the priority level of the project

A project can be a priority, medium priority or non-priority. It depends on the priority of your business. You need to consider all the projects you have, to make sure they are all prioritized in the right place.

It is important to note that you cannot work on all your projects at the same time. You need to prioritize them and make sure you don't forget to work on some of them.

Identify project constraints

When you have to prioritize your project portfolio, you have to realize that you have to integrate the constraints that are present. These constraints can be related to different elements. This is why you must take into account all the elements that allow you to better prioritize the different initiatives.

First, you need to consider your company's environment. This allows you to determine what impact the initiative will have on your business. It is also important to consider your resources. This will ensure that you have the resources you need to complete your project.

Define the end date of the project

To use Eisenhower's prioritization method, you need to define the project end date. This will allow you to know when you should start prioritizing your different projects.

This will also ensure that you have enough time to complete everything before the project end date.


The Eisenhower prioritization method can help project owners evaluate and prioritize their projects. By dividing projects into four categories, it facilitates decision-making and allows companies to focus on projects that are most likely to produce results.

It is a simple and dynamic method that can be applied to all types of projects.

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