Awareness and adaptability in project management. PPM

Awareness and adaptability in project management

Project management is a discipline based on well-established principles and tools. But to be a good project manager, one must have a good understanding of the different aspects of the project and be able to anticipate problems and adapt to changes. Awareness and adaptability in project management are important. Good adaptability and flexible expertise are essential for effective project management.

1. project management, a complex activity

Project management is a complex activity that consists of planning, organizing and controlling the resources and means necessary to achieve a specific objective. It applies to all types of projects, such as the construction of a house or the implementation of a business research. Project management includes the planning, organization and control of the steps and processes involved in the development and implementation of a project, as well as the communication between staff members (on average, about 10 people).

Understand the principle of project management

Project management is a complex activity that requires great precision. In order to plan and organize the different phases, it is essential to make sure that all tasks are correctly defined and that the necessary means are available. It is also important to be able to draw up an exhaustive and detailed work schedule with precise deadlines for each task.

Master the different stages of project management

Planning is a key step to master. It involves defining the various actions to be taken to achieve the objectives set. It allows to identify potential difficulties and to improve their management, which is essential to succeed.

Identify the different stakeholders in a project

When starting a project, it is essential to make sure that the different people involved understand their tasks and responsibilities, to avoid unpleasant surprises and to avoid being in contact with people playing an irrelevant role. This also ensures that deadlines are met.

Understand the role of the different stakeholders in a project

During a project, each person involved has a function to fulfill. It is essential to understand the role of each person in order to work coherently and optimize the management of the project, while avoiding conflicts.

2. project management: a dynamic process

Project management is a dynamic process that consists of organizing the various stages of a project in order to achieve its objectives. It is an essential tool for planning, organizing, controlling and evaluating the human and material resources needed to achieve the project's objectives. Project management is a process that allows an organization to effectively coordinate its efforts to achieve its objectives. It consists of 8 key steps, including defining objectives and expectations,allocating resources, planning, executing, controlling, managing change, evaluating and closing the project.

The term project management was born in 1987

Project management emerged in the late 1970s and began to develop in the early 1980s, when companies turned to more complex projects and the need arose for a way of working that could accommodate these projects. At that time, the Project Management Program (PMP) was also born.

It refers to the work of planning the different stages

One of the first steps in project management is to identify the different stepsusing work plans. This will help structure the work and ensure a 20% to 30% time saving. You should also define the type of work to be done on each step to avoid working in parallel and losing time.

3. awareness and adaptability in project management

Project management requires specific skills and awareness to ensure success. Project managers must be aware of the challenges faced by team members, and the effect of time and cost on the project. In addition, they must be able to identify potential problems before they arise and find appropriate solutions. Awareness and adaptability are therefore key to 80% of successful project management.

Do you know the difference between an estimate and an accurate estimate?

An estimate is an estimate based on many parameters, which makes it difficult to accurately predict results. To obtain more accurate results, the use of a precise estimate is recommended. This technique is used to estimate the number of labor hours required to complete a project with an accuracy of more than 90%.


Project management is a complex and dynamic activity that requires a high level of awareness and adaptability. High awareness enables project managers to quickly identify risks and take action to manage them. Adaptability allows project managers to respond to changes in a timely manner and find innovative solutions to overcome them. In conclusion, a high level of awareness and adaptability is necessary for good project management.

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