Automate your PPM

Automate project management

Automate your PPM

The project team

Konatus will allow you toautomate your PPM. (Project Portfolio Management)

As a project portfolio manager, you must find the best way to combine available resources to complete activities and meet deadlines. Successfully meeting the organization's operational and financial goals while adapting to customer requirements is essential. 

The project manager is responsible for managing resources, finances and, most importantly, strategic objectives and real-world external factors. He/she is the initiator of the project planning.

One of the most important benefits of project management automation is the reduction of errors. Automation tools can automate certain tedious tasks, such as data entry or updating project progress, which can significantly reduce the risk of errors.

Efficiency is also improved through project management automation. The tools enable real-time tracking of project progress and early identification of issues, allowing teams to work more efficiently and make decisions more quickly.

Finally, project management automation can significantly speed up the planning and tracking process. Tools can automate time-consuming tasks such as generating reports and updating project progress, allowing teams to focus on the most important tasks and save time.

Project managers and team leaders oversee teams working on multiple projects at the same time. Each team has access to the tools it needs to manage schedules, resources, skills and budgets. All of this is essential to successfully complete all tasks.

You dream of a unifying tool to orchestrate and arbitrate all these projects. This modern project portfolio management (PPM) software will automate project management and save time.

Real time information

A system that provides relevant information to all departments, without compromising the tools that each department needs. Programs are divided into independent projects that are easier to execute but more difficult to manage. 

Technical professionals are brought together in autonomous teams. Knowledge and expertise are shared between projects. It is therefore necessary to have a project portfolio management tool to manage this complexity and optimize the use of resources.

By automating repetitive tasks, you will save time and avoid human errors. With Konatusyou will have a global view of the progress of your projects, and you will be able to follow the evolution of projects in terms of time, costs and risks.