KoAlign. Project Portfolio Management.


AI software

The service KoAlign service allows a very strong optimization and performance of your tools.

  • An Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology for constraint programming.
  • Improved resource and batch allocation.
  • Selection of optimization criteria (duration, values, costs).

Developing an AI system can be a daunting task, but at Konatus, we have risen to the challenge. We have built a platform that helps us manage the complexity of projects.

Thanks to our various techniques and tools, we are able to overcome all the challenges we encounter when planning projects. Our ambition is to endow a software or a program with intelligence so that it can execute complex tasks.

Automatic task execution

A batch is a group of similar tasks that you want to run together.

Batch optimization is the process of determining the ideal number of batches to schedule in order to minimize the total run time. Minimizing run time is important because tasks that are not executed reduce your results and productivity.

These resources correspond to the time of the collaborators if it is badly structured, it can be easily exhausted. Scheduling your tasks in batches allows you to better control your resources.

Project optimization

The choice of optimization criteria is crucial to the success of your project. That is why you should determine your own objectives as early as possible.

Then, based on these objectives, you can choose the appropriate optimization criteria. If you are working on a project where time is critical, you can optimize your product design based on time.

If you are working on a project where cost is an important factor, you may want to optimize for cost. (Project Portfolio Management)

Request your demo with the service KoAlignservice, you can see for yourself the power of our platform and the growth opportunities for your business. (PPM)