The KoAlign service allows a very strong optimization and performance of your tools.
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI) module for constraint programming.
  • Optimization of resource management and batch.
  • Choice of optimization criteria (time, value, cost).


In the first part, building artificial intelligence (AI) software can be a complex challenge. This is what we have been able to do at Konatus. We have developed a platform that allows us to respond to the complexity of the projects. Some different tools and techniques can be used to

Our goal has been to put intelligence into a software or program so that it can perform complex tasks.


In the second part, a batch is a group of similar tasks that you want to run together.

Batch optimization is the process of determining the ideal number of batches to schedule to minimize the total execution time. Minimizing execution time is important because tasks that are not executed reduce your results and productivity.

These resources (storage space, memory, etc.) can be easily depleted. Scheduling your tasks in batches gives you more control over your resources.


In the third point, the choice of optimization criteria is crucial for the success of your project. This is why you need to determine your own goals as early as possible.

You can then, based on these goals, choose the appropriate criteria to optimize. If you are working on a project in which time is critical, you may want to optimize the design of your product based on time.

If you are working on a project in which cost is a factor, you may want to optimize based on cost.


In conclusion, by requesting your free demo with a KoAlign service you will be able to see for yourself the power of our platform and the growth opportunities for your business.