The KoSync service will allow you to optimize and perform your projects.

  • Automatically collect and synchronize data distributed in tools and files.
  • Project data is grouped in an integrated data model.
  • Connectors are available for the most common tools. (Project, Excel, Google Sheet, JIRA, SAP)

In the first part, once information is entered into one of the data collection tools, it should automatically synchronize with the other tools and files.

This information can be used in another part of your business or shared with another group or client.

The goal of such a system is to make your staff’s life easier and to ensure that they can spend more time on their tasks and meet project deadlines. To ensure better productivity, you need to automate the collection and synchronization of distributed data using the Konatus platform.


The second part, a data model is a representation of the data stored in your system. It shows how the data is related to each other and describes its attributes. It can be in the form of a diagram or a table.

The data model shows the business rules that apply to the data. The model helps you identify problems with the data, such as missing or inconsistent information.  In most projects, data are grouped to create an ensemble model.

The model is also used to help analyze, present, and plan project management processes. Thus, it helps to optimize project management.


In the third part, the connectors are accessible for the most common tools. The variety of available connectors allows users to work more easily and efficiently.


In conclusion, by requesting your free demo with a KoSync service you will be able to see for yourself the power of our platform and the growth opportunities for your business.