The KoView service will view and compare options in 1 click.

  • Real-time tracking, project information (Gantt, Dashboard, Earn Value).
  • In one click, modify the parameters to compare different options.


In the first part, real-time tracking, project information, and job details may be available to you on the platform. Usually, there is a lot of information about your project, for example, the duration of the project is shown on a Gantt chart.

The Earn Value model will allow you to fully evaluate your projects.  Our tool will help you assess whether the project is completed on budget and schedule.


In the second part, the project dashboard (or performance dashboard) helps you better visualize key project indicators.

It allows you to analyze the progress of the project life cycle from start to finish, against a set of objectives, and other key indicators. You can compare different options by changing the parameters. For example, you can compare the project and cross-reference it with other information using our algorithm. Most companies, especially large ones, have many parameters to consider.

Konatus is here to help you make informed decisions with our portfolio project management platform.


In conclusion, by requesting your free demo with a KoView service you will be able to see for yourself the power of our platform and the growth opportunities for your business.