Leverage boosts your business

Konatus leverage boosts your business. We created an innovative business model and an integrated platform to meet our customers’ needs. We have used growth levers to develop our SaaS solution. This solution is the first online platform dedicated to project portfolio management.

Konatus is located in Paris-Saclay Cluster: In the middle of the biggest R&D and high-tech campus in France.

The cluster is composed of 15000 researchers, 5000 doctoral students, 300 laboratories, world-renowned universities, and international R&D centers gathered within Université Paris-Saclay, Institut Polytechnique de Paris, and Ecole CentraleSupélec)

We have developed partnerships with world-class IT researchers to offer you all the potential of modern AI algorithms.

Our team is composed of Ph.D. IT experts and  IT “large Schools“ Engineers.


Konatus’ SaaS solution enables companies to communicate effectively and connect to their tools. Using Konatus’ advanced technology and algorithm allows for global management of all projects.

The SaaS solution was designed to meet the growing demand for innovative solutions that allow companies to adapt to rapid changes in the market.

The development of the SaaS solution has been achieved through the use of our many partners.


In conclusion, to create partnerships, it is important to find companies that can offer you a service that you do not have. It is also important for Konatus to find committed customers to keep the business relationship going over time.