Découvrir l'histoire et les missions d'un PMO. Project Portfolio Management

Come and discover the history and the missions of a PMO ( Project Management Office ), it ensures that the projects of a company are carried out, in accordance with their objectives. The PMO must be able to: 

  • Define a framework and procedures for projects. 
  • Carry out the administration of projects and resources.
  • Guarantee the quality of the projects. 
  • Integrate the project management process into the business. 

The PMO is often a service that opens up to the whole company, in order to promote collaboration and efficiency within the organization. 

What is a Project Management Officer?

A project management officer is a project management professional who can also be called PMO. He is the equivalent of a project manager in the company. 

As such, the role of the PMO is to oversee the various projects of the company. Thus, he must know perfectly the different project management mechanisms and above all know how to apply them.

The role of the Project Management Officer

A project management officer is a person whose role is to manage a project. She is therefore responsible for setting up the different steps to achieve the goal of the project.

She may also be required to coordinate the various tasks, but also to ensure that the project is going well. 

This role is very important for the success of the project. It is for this reason that it is always necessary to select the best professionals to fill it.

The evolving role of the PMO

The role of the project management officer is to manage the projects. This means that it is essentially the PMO that takes care of managing them. He must therefore have a fairly agile and efficient approach to be able to manage projects.

What is also essential is that the Project Project Portfolio (PPM) is in place. This makes it possible to manage all projects efficiently and thus be able to complete them successfully.

The PMO, a resource optimization tool

The PMO is a resource optimization tool, in the sense that it is responsible for project management within the company. He is also responsible for the training course.

Finally, the PMO is also the establishment of training courses for the various sports professions. For example, it can be training courses for sports coaches.

The role of the PMO in the world of work

The role of the Project Management Officer is to ensure that the employees of the company act in the right way, this can be done through training, but also through work rules.

As for the tools, you should know that the PMO has different tools that allow it to provide support to employees. 

To learn more about the role of the PMO in the world of work, you can discover our article which explains what the PMO is and how it can help you.


I hope this article has helped you discover the history and mission of a PMO. It is a real strategic tool which makes it possible to reinforce the effectiveness of the achievements and to generate significant gains in productivity. 

It is present today in many companies, whether in the public world or in large private groups. 

With powerful and modern machines, the role of the PMO within a company is in full development and will inevitably increase.

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